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The production in the Tápióság Pallet Plant began in 1990.

The development of the plant - attentive to the technological requirements – began in 1993, and is continuously expanding even today. Due to its developed infrastructure by now the Tápióság Palette Plant is considered as the largest pallet plant in Hungary.

The plant lays on 6,5 ha, of which 4 ha is paved with high rigidity bitumen, thus supporting the stable and clean movement of any vehicles.

The plant is working with fine aspen as its main raw material from Hungarian suppliers, This lumber is the base of the custom made palette production according to the specific needs of our customers. The settlement ensures all conditions which a well-equipped palette plant may need..

The capacity of the raw material storage is 10-12.000 m3, stored simultaneously, on average our raw material stock is 3-6000 m3, which takes up the raw material needs of an average month. Moreover, the possession of 1700 ha aspen forest plays a significant role in the stable supply of our raw material needs, that guarantees the continuous operation and reliable service of our clients at all times.

The wood processing is automatic, mainly working with carbide-tipped circular sawmachine lines, with the help of appropriate additional equipments. The plant is able to process any sizes from 10cm to 1m diameter, with the technology ensuring high accuracy and low cost prices.

Most of the pallets are manufactured with automatic pallet nailing machines, the individual and small series are prepared with nailer guns. The production capacity of the plant is 70-90.000 piece of pallets per month, which allows the production of 1.000.000 piece of pallets per year. The three pieces of drying chambers belonging to the settlement has a total capacity of 12.600 units – equivalent of about twenty trucks –and is fit to continuous drying of EUR pallets of such amounts.

The drying chambers are convenient for the heat treatment of pallets with ISPM 15 standards. The ready made pallets and semi-finished products are stored in a covered area with a total storage area 3.166 m2. This area is suitable for inner truck loads, therefore the loading is possible in any weather conditions, which is especially important in case of dried pallets.

All indoor facilities of the plant are heatable with the total area of 3.384 m2. This feature plays a huge role in wintertime manufacturing, eliminating the risk of cracking of frozen boards. Furthermore, the defrosting of facilities just before the nailing process is also solved, therefore the plant is able to serve its clients in high quality during the winter season, too.

In 2009 the plant began its blockboard production, with a total capacity of 6000 m3 per year.

The raw materials delivered to the factory, leave in the form of pallet, pallet element, sawdust and wood chips, thus a full-scale processing of raw materials is arranged internally.

The high standard technology, well-equipped technical infrastructure and 20 years of professional experience of our employees is the guarantee for your complacence!


raklapgyár elérhetőségekHungary - 2253
Tápióság Úri str. 4.
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