The processing of raw material
Primarily automatic processing machine lines - like Costa and Storti - preparing the hungarian, typically fine aspen raw materials.

The machine lines – with circular saw technology– are able to produce with high efficiency and good  recovery an exact straight cuted pallet elements with smooth surface.

The machine lines are suitable for wood processing between 10 - 35cm diameter; the logs with larger diameter are prepared with Artiglio Tip band saw.

Annual capacity: 70-80000 m3 of raw material is processed.

Pallet element grades:

  • I.class -  four corners are intact in longitudinal direction
  • II.class - two corners are intact in longitudinal direction,
    - on the other side:
    on one side 50% of  length and  30% of both side length are barky in half of the thickness.
  • III.class - cuted edge is not a provisio, but the width of the material content must be 60-70%

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    egyutas raklap Raklapgyár préselt tuskóval készült raklapok

    Pallet manufacturing

    The plant for almost ten years ago - turns the earlier manufactured MAV EUR pallets - specialized for unique industrial-sized and one-way pallet production.

    The industrial pallets are special built for our costumers needs and they are also typically cheaper as the EUR palletsl. We have two automatic nailing machines / Coralli, Platon/. Pallets in smaller quantity are hand-nailed with  pneumatic guns.

    The one-way pallets II-III..class are made of barky elements. These pallets can have statically - in practice - the same load as the pallets built from I. class elements, but of course esthetically look different.

    Our pallet manufacturing capacity is 1,000,000 pieces per year.

    To prepare the pricing of industrial pallets  the following information is required:

    1. size /mm/
    2. quality /I. II. III. class/
    3. load of pallet /kg/
    4. deck spacing /mm/

    We can't calculate a quote without these specifications.
    For help, please call us: +36-29/465-643


    We need a pallet 800x1200 mm, with 300 kg static load, and 50 mm deck spacing , from I.class material / from 1 cubic meter pallet element we can produce 22 pieces of MAV EUR pallet /

    From industrial pallets with these parameters we can produce 57,8 pieces, so the cost of industrial pallet relative to the EUR pallet - only approx. 40%.

    If the EUR standard is not requirement, buy industrial pallets!

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    szárítókamra szárítókamra raklap szárítás

    Drying and heat-tratement

    Because the increasing market demands, we started to drying of pallets in 1999..
    This year we prepared our first drying chamber in size about 780 cubic meter . This chamber is capable to dry 7 trucks / 4500 pieces / of MAV EUR pallets, or 250 m3 of boards (for blockboards).
    We built two more chambers in quietly the same size in 2003 and 2010 as well. At the moment we are capable to dry 12600 pieces of pallets or 750 m3 of boards at the same time.

    Interesting: the weight of 1m3 freshly cuted pallet element is approx. 1000 kg. If we dry it under 25% of moisture content, the weight will be approx. 500 kg. That means, from 1 m3 material removed about 500 m3 water during the drying process.


    The FAO IPPC published the ISPM 15 standard in 2002. This determines - among others - the heat treatement of wood.

    The essence: the material must be kept  at least 30 minutes at a temperature of 56 °C.
    The pallets after heat-treatment, must be marked with ISPM 15 logo, which contains the "wheatear mark", the country code and the treatment sign and  the registration number.
    The registration number extradite – examination of  FAIMEI  accredited  laboratory – the relevant Plant and Soil Conservation  Directorate.

    Registration number:   HU-130224  / old : HU1311302840/

    The heat treatment confirmed with declaration.
    Attachment: registration number

    Note: Not all dried pallets are heat-treated, and not all heat-treated pallets are dried!
    The heat demand of the dryling chambers ensure 2 Kolbach biomass boiler. /2000 KW/.

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    The manufacturing of blockboard started in 2009.
    The cuted raw material dried to moisture content of 7-8 %, and cuted to exacte size with Cattelan machine.

    The thickness range is between 10.3 mm to 24.3 mm
    The total size of pallets are 1930x3750 mm, on which the costumer glue 3-7 layer of veneer and one color veneer. This is an extremely valuable Blockboard.
    Our yearly capacity:  6000 m3

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    kazán rendszer

    Waste management

    From 1 m3 processed raw material – depending on dimension – 53-58 % sawn timber generated. Of the remaining 47-42% material can be fibrous or mixed waste and sawdust formed. 
    One hundred m3 of saw timber production generate about 43 m3 sawdust and about 97 m3 wood chips.

    We can produce wood chips of the fiber waste homogeneous fraction, also suitable for industrial purposes.
    The mixed waste and sawdust utilized as a feedstock feuel for the biomass-fired boilers. 
    Our plans include the waste pellets, or biobriquet production.

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