Special built pallets

special built PalletWe are manufacturing custom pallets after your needs and specifications.



blockboard and panelWe produce blockboards/panels from poplar, in wide range of sizes.


Pallet elements

pallet elementsThe natural/dry elements are take-away without installation as well.

Pallet elements

Why choose us?
  • the largest pallet factory in Hungary with 6.5 ha, thereout 4 ha is already paved, so provided the clean moving of vehicles
  • we are working with fine poplar, purchased in HUngary
  • 10,000 -12,000 m3 (~ 130 trucks) pallet - partially covered - storage capacity
  • automatic processing
  • production of custom pallet sizes
  • 12 600 units (~ 7 trucks) EUR pallets simultaneously drying
  • All indoor spaces can be heated, so is the continuous production in winter also prvided
  • Monthly capacity: 70-90  thousand  pallets
  • Competitive prices, guaranteed quality 
  • 20 years of experience in pallet producing

pallet drying chambers
Proper drying and / or heat-treateing of pallets and pallet elements according to ISPM 15 standard.(IPPC)

Why our partners are faithful to us?


  • we produce them any pallets quickly and without error (protruding angel, material defects...ect.);
  • we offer superior quality at competitive prices;
  • we provide a continuous supply of pallets for them ;
  • we can build a good relationship,  communicating  regularly  with each other;
  • we have all necessary permits and qualifications;

  • What kind of partnerships are you building?

we prefer a long-term cooperation, ask a quote

pallet factory contactHungary - 2253
Tápióság Úri str. 4.
Tel: +36-29/465-643
Fax.: +36-29/665-040
E-mail: info@raklap.com

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